Here are some FAQs and common questions sellers have about our service. If you have more specific questions, not answered in these FAQs, please Contact Us and we’ll quickly do our best to answer them for you!

What is the MLS?

Why would I want my property listed in the MLS?

How can you provide this flat fee listing service so inexpensively?

Are there any additional fees beyond the listing fee?

Can I list my Rental Property on the MLS?

Can I list a Commercial Property on the MLS?

Is the MLS the best way to sell a home?

What is the difference between my local MLS and Realtor.com?

Is your flat fee listing fee refundable?

Will my contact information be displayed?

If a buyer calls you about our property what do you do?

Do I have to pay a commission to an agent that brings the buyer?

If I find a buyer with no agent, do I still pay a commission?

Can I cancel my listing at any time?

Do you assist me when I receive an offer on my property?

Are you a licensed real estate brokerage?

Will my property be listed on the internet?

Who do I call with questions after I’m listed?